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As this essay begins, one should be at once grieved and saddened by the state of affairs for Men in the United States of America. For the reality of the situation is this - the American Male is under attack: psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually, by the very people whom he was created to protect - American Women.

American Women are constantly overheard to talk about "why there are no more good Men left," or "why don't Men commit," or "why do Men lie and then leave," or even "why are Men so irresponsible?"

It didn't use to be like this - but for the past 50 or so years, Feminist legislation and liberal dogma has completely ruined this country. America's enemies have invested trillions of dollars in Feminist groups and legislators which make it very easy to destroy, defame, and emasculate the American Male.

Our educational system supports this agenda.

Every single admirable quality of the American Male is now suspect - responsibility means inflexibility, strength of character equates to stubborness, standing one's ground equals abusiveness, courage and fearlessness is now insanity.

If a Man exhibits any of these qualities to his wife or girlfriend, she can easily destroy him by lying about abuse, rape, verbal haranguing, anything, and he can be arrested, prosecuted, and convicted of a crime.

Even if she is lying, and has a pattern of lying, because the "system" does not want to take any chances.

What Man is crazy enough to risk that? What Man would put himself in that position of trust, when he should know that the only thing standing between him and a jail cell is the fickle whim of a Woman who just might get angry one day (whether justified or not)?

Men are forced to live in one of two ways - either as a coward by avoiding relationships with Women completely, or as an emotional thief, stealing sex and love on the sly, and then leaving when the relationship gets too intense and meaningful. The only types of Men who have nothing to worry about are the effeminate ones that lack any Manly traits whatsover, and these are the Men that Women are forced to marry.

The relationship for Men has become similar to sticking one's head into the lion's mouth, with the possibility of never being able to escape, if the jaws suddenly snap shut.

In the current state of the law, Men can and will, with just an allegation, lose all of their money, their kids, their house, their job, their respect, their self-respect, their friends, their self-esteem, their standing in their community, their families, and above all, their souls if a Woman simply decides, one day, in one minute, to snap and cast him into the abyss of hell by calling 911 and lying.

No Police Officer called to the scene will ever take the chance of not arresting someone in a domestic dispute, and unfortunately, the statistics point out that it is overwhelmingly the Man in the relationship who is arrested, and not the Woman.

Does this mean that there are no Women out there who beat, abuse, or harass Men in relationships? Of course not. But that is unfortunately proof positive that the system is not working well.

Is it really worth the risk for Men to get into a relationship?

It is a basic cornerstone that the building blocks of a healthy, successful, prosperous, and strong nation are, in this order: (1) healthy individuals which make up (2) healthy relationships which in turn create (3) healthy families which beget (4) healthy communities which forge (5) healthy towns which in turn generate (6) healthy cities creating (7) healthy states which ultimately make a (8) healthy nation or country.

How easy is it for our enemies, both foreign and domestic, to destroy our entire country's entire strength, health, longevity, self-reliance, morale, and confidence, when all they have to do is pit this nation's Women against its Men through horribly unfair legislation, unbalanced favoritism of the legal system in favor of its Women against Men, castigating all of the valuable characteristics of Men that were once and formally prized, as now border-line criminal conduct, and striking at the very roots of the tree of this country?

This problem has therefore become a National Security issue, and should be treated as such by our Government.

Our country's lives are at stake. No wonder every single foreign war we have entered into over the past 50 years has progressively been less and less effective, where our foreign enemies have consistently made mince-meat out of our Armed Forces, and we can no longer win a difficult war with decisiveness and efficiency. The Men of our Armed Forces are no match psychologically, emotionally, or spiritually for most Men of foreign countries, who have never had to deal with or be emasculated by this scurrilous baggage. No wonder that Men from foreign countries routinely laugh at the effeminate nature of American Men who have been degraded out of fear, obedience, and the shame of being Men from our Women, who have made us feel guilty for just being Men. Metrosexual Men have become de rigeur, and flagrant homosexuality and feminine behavior in heterosexual Men is welcomed, nourished, safe, and politically correct in American society and in the eyes of the law. Manly behavior is not.

No one supports abuse by Men, or by anyone.

But the system is totally broken, and good Men are getting destroyed. Too many Men are getting ruined by a system run amok, where even the most base, lying, evil, insecure, mercenary, violent, money-hungry, and selfish Women, some of whom have been officially proven to be so, can easily destroy a Man of proven great character, strength, reputation, honor, and respect.

It happens thousands of times a day in this country. With regards to any type of allegation of Domestic Violence (what these types of cases are called), any Police Officer, Prosecutor, or Lawyer will tell you that a Woman's word is 100 times stronger than a Man's, even in the absence of any evidence to substantiate this. And the Police Officer will blindly arrest, and the Prosecutor will doggedly pursue, that Man.

The question is why?

And when will we as a young nation recognize that even Ancient Rome fell because of this type of internal moral and spiritual decay of the qualities that made Men strong, their families strong, and ultimately, their nation, strong.

Raphael de Plume
New York, New York
September 11, 2007


John Doe said...

It's not just America, Raphael. Similar conditions prevail in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and most of Europe. It has not always been this way.

mike savell said...

I think this has gone too far to do anything about as there is only a very small % of real men left.It looks as if ,in the future men who are not stone rich will be educated as trades people and will live in barracks on call to repair
houses,goods and do odd jobs for the women,gay and lesbian familie

mezzrowjr said...
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mezzrowjr said...
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Kevin said...

Do you really think women haven't been complaining about men forever? Believe it or not "real men" are usually not such complainers.

Mister-M said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of reality. Sadly, people like "Kevin" can't seem to understand the depth of the abuse and corruption in the family court system and how it will impact men, women, and children - ultimately - society.

Maybe "Kevin" will wake up once he's been ground up by the divorce industry... maybe he'll wake up when someone close to him has been so devastated by it.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I read that you believe men were created to "protect women", I knew I was in for another ridiculous radical article about men being emasculated. The problem is this: there is more diversity WITHIN sexes than BETWEEN sexes which means masculinity is a stereotype. Discrimination against women and men feed off gender stereotypes like a parasite - in my opinion it's what's keeping the discord between men and women in our society alive. Men having a disadvantage in the area of domestic abuse is a consquence of the stereotype that women are weaker. I've heard men complain that in a legal dispute over children the woman tends to win - this is because women are stereotyped as nurturing and therefore better parents and less dangerous.
Therefore, all of the anti-male things you are experiencing are backfire from the discrimination against females as being the weaker sex, through stereotypes. These were attempts to weaken women or put them in their place. I'm not saying it's right for the legal system to discriminate against men or anyone to. I'm just saying... should have thought of that before you decided you were the invincible powerful protectors of all. You're not. Sorry.
The problem isn't that men are losing their masculinity.. the problem is that masculinity (or femininity, either way) is a myth that destroys both men and women, in different ways. Our society continues to be split down the middle badly, because people believe men and women actually are a certain way, and they're not. That split down the middle causes articles like this, basically it causes two big things: fear and contempt of the opposite sex.
To be frank, I've seen other radical articles like this. The basis in logic and dependance on social standards over facts and logic is quite noticable.
Women have been cast as evil influences on the noble man since biblical times - you've read about Eve, right? What about Macbeth.. he never would've thought of murder if it hadn't been for those women. All of that comes from fear. You're not doing anything new here, you're just carrying on the tradition, a tradition that's going to bring both men and women a lot of grief.

Underbreather said...

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Excellent Essay.

(No, it's not spam, and these blogs are p*rn-related but actually thoughtful).

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